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Welcome to the Visit Southern Africa tourist information website.

Here you will find everything you need for a visit to this beautiful area of Africa. Start with a bit of history about the Kruger National Park. Or find a hotel nearby the places you wish to visit.

This website is not affiliated to or connected to the official website for the Kruger National Park. It was created to help mostly English-speaking visitors to the area.

If you run a tourist related business to the general area of the Kruger National Park, then get in touch with us so that we can promote you for free from this website.

Have you visited the Kruger National Park before? We’d love to see your photos or videos! Just email to john@visitsouthernafrica.net with a short paragraph describing your visit and we’ll publish them here. Of course, we’ll add a link back to your blog, website or business.

Please use the links for Guides, hotels and hire cars. We get a small amount of commission each time you reserve a room or a car and that helps us to keep this site up and running with current information.


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